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Signature Audio is proud to be the UK’s exclusive distributor for the High-End audio manufacturers below.

PS Audio – A pioneer of High End audio and mains regeneration. Over 40 years of manufacturing High End Audio components being the first company to introduce an outboard DAC and the first to introduce mains regeneration products. PS is regarded as innovative and cutting edge while maintaining the High End quality at affordable prices.

Hifiman Headphones – Is simply one of the best headphone manufacturers in the world today. Focussing on Planar and Electrostatic technologies Hifiman offer a wide range of sonically impressive and exemplary headphones that represent incredible value in the UK market place.

Sbooster linear power supplies – Sbooster has positioned itself as the Number 1 linear power supply product provider globally. It has done this by re-developing it’s existing linear power supply with the focus on the smallest detail and by isolating every touch point with the power supply. The range of products supported by Sbooster’s BOTW MK2 product is endless and dealers should really see this as an easy sell product to new and existing customers.

Duevel Omnidirectional Loudspeakers – Offer high end loudspeakers with an exceptional sound stage. The real benefit is that these omnidirectional loudspeakers can be placed closer to the wall and don’t have to be equidistant to create a fantastic sound. This often suites modern living arrangements where with smaller room dimensions customers don’t want the speaker encroaching in to the living space.

Jeff Roland Amplification – We design and manufacture high-end audio products of exacting quality and eduring beauty for refined music lovers worldwide.

Vandersteen Loudspeakers – Vandersteen Audio always has been and always will be a technology company. Vandersteen speakers for decades were built around Richard Vandersteen’s patented reflection-free aerodynamic midrange drivers, which remain paragons of low-distortion musicality.

Sota Turntables – Has 25 years of experience in making audiophile quality turntables. Sota is one of the very few manufacturers that still make a fully suspended platter and tonearm platform within their medium to high end turntables. Their traditional style provides a simple statement aesthetically yet delivers an incredibly neutral sound that is only obtainable by vinyl.